Fate Points...an update.

So, things are still rolling along here at Fate Points headquarters. Ok, we don't have a HQ, but it sounded cool, right?

So, the last few episodes have been good overall, but I personally have a few issues here at the home. First there was the interview with +Mike Olson. The interview went very well, but my mike kept giving feedback and I spent the last 45 minutes having to sit there and not be able to say anything (I did ask a few questions via chat that Jacob asked). I have not watched that video as of yet, as I am afraid I will just look pissed off the entire time. :)  I was really upset about it, but the interview went well.

Then last night we had +John Adamus on the show and it started out fine. Then my roommates started watching hockey and turned up the volume on the TV and I am sure you guys heard some of that. I am very sorry about that and eventually went upstairs to finish the remainder of the interview. I hope it did not look like a bad shake cam from a horror movie as I moved up the stairs. But John was a fabulous interview so it was all great in the end.

In two weeks on June 17th we will have +Andrew Goenner who currently has a Fate Kickstarter called Time Heroes. It deals with Saturday morning heroes and Fate! You can check it out here.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geekworldonline/time-heroes-saturday-morning-cartoons-fate-style?ref=live

On July 1st, we will have +J.R. Blackwell on the show to talk about her work on the Fate Core Supplement Court/Ship. An alien invasion set in the Court of Louis XV.

On July 15th, we will have +Amanda Valentine on the show to talk about her work on various Evil Hat games, such as the Paranet Papers. Not to mention a ton of other things she has worked on. Oh and she is also working on Firefly!!

I am in the process of trying to get a few other people on the show and still want to get some of the big dogs from Evil Hat on the show.

Lastly, I have been toying with the idea of having an official Fate Point hangout game with some of our previous guests. I have not really approached any of them yet (except John Adamus), so that will be happening soon.

Take care!



  1. I've solved my feedback problem, so if we want to recreate my interview by reading a transcript, I'm up for it.

  2. Our Play on Target podcast had some issues here and there initially as well, so I know how frustrating they can be when technical issues crop up mid episode. Glad to see your determination to push on with interviews. I'm greatly looking forward to being on the show in a couple of weeks!

  3. I didn't notice any hockey.