I have to say I am very happy with how Fate Points has gone thus far. It is always nice to see people say such nice things about it.  I also know it can only get better as we learn how to interview people more efficiently and hopefully get a name for ourselves in the rpg industry. But two things had to happen or none of this would matter.

The first is the people that actually watch the show. I keep getting amazing feedback from people about the show and ways to improve it. Not to mention without people watching it, it would be just two nimrods talking about Fate.

The second is the amazing group of people we have been lucky enough to get such amazing people on the show. So, this thanks goes out to +Rob Wieland +Filamena Young +Jason Morningstar +Mark Diaz Truman +David Hill +Brian Engard +Ryan M. Danks  and most recently +Leonard Balsera

You guys have been amazing, I am honored to have had the chance to get to talk to you (along with my co-host +Jacob Poss), and find out some of the creative process behind the Fate products you have made.

Thank you.

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