Fate Points happenings...

So, the last few weeks have been a bit crazy for me due to work, so Fate Points has just not been as much of a priority as it usually is. That happens sometimes as real life tends to interfere with things we want to do.

Not to mention, we were supposed to have a show last night with +Ryan M. Danks and there was more than a little communication snafu and it has been bumped to next Monday. 

A little about why Ryan is coming on the show.

Aside from being someone that is constantly in the Fate Community hacking the hell out of Fate, he has a Kickstarter coming out next month that is Fate related. 

It's a multimedia project powered by Fate Core and based around a web series. The show follows a group of gamers in and out of their favorite Fate Core game, Reachrun (name subject to change), which will be detailed in a FAE implementation if the stretch goal is hit. 

They are launching a short film before the web series to build credibility with the Kickstarter and Fate community. The short film, and related stretch goals, is going to Kickstarter next month and the series will show up in its own Kickstarter in August. 

The name of the series is the RPGroup.

After that, we will have Evil Hat's Fate genius, +Leonard Balsera on May 6th. I don't even know where to start on that one. He knows more about Fate than maybe anyone on the planet. My inner fanboy is giddy with excitement. 

So, sorry things have been quiet, but once life settles you will start seeing me flood your streams with more Fate Points nonsense. :)

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